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Silent Disco Fitness Session


Why wait for a night out to enjoy silent disco? Nobody's Watching brings the fun of silent disco to your fitness routine. With the physical benefits of a workout, and the feel-good benefits of dancing, you will leave the session in a contagiously good mood.


Silent Disco Parties 


Jazz up your party with some silent disco. We do weddings, Christmas parties, hen dos, birthdays and more. You chose our kit and playlist option, or add a silent disco game or warm up in the package. 

Silent disco in the workplace


We offer teambuilding, productivity boosting and general wellness services to coworking spaces and companies. We incorporate silent disco with elements of play and dance in our offering, which is customised for each client.


Educational Silent Disco 


Discover the powerful potential of silent disco in an educational context. Our activities engage learners, boosting their confidence and creativity whilst providing them with an unforgettably fun experience.

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