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Get Ready For Online Dance Parties!

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Nobody’s Watching live is paused for now, but that’s no reason to stop singing and dancing. Let’s do it together from our own homes. Wherever you are in the world, join this videoconference to dance like nobody’s watching. We need it now more than ever. There will be a different theme every time. Check our events page to find out when the next one is happening. If you’ve never been to Nobody’s Watching, here’s how it works: - There’s a warm up at the beginning to kick things off in style and get you ready to dance like Nobody’s Watching. - The warm up is playful. I teach a silly dance routine that's easy to follow and suitable for all levels. It often involves recreating a music video, like U Can't Touch This or I Want To Break Free. - After the warm up, it’s freestyle dancing to your own groove. There are no right or wrong moves and there's no judgement. Do whatever you feel like doing. Want to air guitar? Go for it! Want do a funky chicken? Funk that chicken, baby. Want to just close your eyes and get lost in the music? You do you. - The playlists are greatest hits that you’re encouraged to sing along to. This is communal breaking out into song and dance. - The music is upbeat and fast; it will keep you moving and you’ll find that by the end you’ve accidentally done a great cardio work out. The live events are with silent disco headphones. Everyone's on the same channel in the warm and then they can choose between two playlists in the freestyle section. How is this gonna work as an online videoconference? - We’ll use You’ll need to download it in advance. Find it here (mobile and desktop friendly) - Video is optional. I will have it turned on throughout the whole dance party. The more we can see other people dance the more fun this will be, but not everyone will be comfortable using their video and that’s totally fine. - I will stream the audio directly from my laptop. - When you connect, use the chat to introduce yourself. Tell us your name and where you’re connecting from. - Once we start, mute your microphones (very important!) - I will speak to explain the warm up. - For the freestyle section, you’re welcome to use your own music if my playlist isn’t doing it for you. - For the last song, we'll open up our microphones and sing together This event is about coming together and helping each other get through this emergency. It's free of charge so that anyone who needs it can access it without barriers. These are challenging times and we need to stick together to help each other get through this. If you can, please donate to support Foodbanks in this challenging times through the link below.

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