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Getting Ready for Safe Outdoor Silent Disco Events

Summer is coming, restrictions are loosening and many of you have been asking if Nobody’s Watching Silent Disco will be back soon. The short answer is "Yes, but". "Yes", because it's coming back! "But", because the virus is still around and I want to make sure that the events are safe and accessible to everyone, including people who haven’t received both doses of the vaccine.

The essence remains unchanged: playful warm ups, uplifting playlists and wonderful people to share them with. Here are the extra measures I'll be taking to make sure the events are safe and don't contribute to further spreading the virus.:

  • Outdoor events only. No indoor events. All open to public events will be outdoors and I will only accept bookings for private events in outdoor spaces (eg. rooftops, gardens, terraces, etc). Dancing to uplifting music turns quickly into a cardio workout. Cardio workouts make us breathe more heavily and more quickly, which increases the release of particles and droplets that can transmit the virus (cit here). Until we’ve all received both doses of the vaccine, indoor exercise events are a transmission risk that I’m not willing to expose my customers (or myself) to.

  • Small groups. Max group size is 30 people and we'll be starting in groups of 15.

  • Sanitised kit. I will fully sanitise all headphones and equipment before and after events, using disinfectants marked by pharmaceutical associations as tested to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. I will sanitise my hands before handing out the equipment.

  • Social distancing. For private bookings, you're in charge of social distancing at your own event as long as it complies with government guidelines, but please keep a 2 metre distance from me at all times; for moments where that's not possible (eg. handing out headphones) I will wear a mask and ask that you do the same. For open to pubic events, please keep a 2 metre distance from other dancers and from myself at all times. If you’ve joined as a group, you can of course dance closer to each other, but continue distancing from dancers outside of your group.

  • Mask usage. Please bring a mask just in case you need one; I plan to use headphones to mark socially distanced dancing areas, but this might not always be possible and if it isn’t, I’ll need to hand the headphones to you directly. It will be safer for us both to wear a mask when doing this since we’ll need to be closer than 2 metres to do this.

  • You can remove your mask when dancing, as long as you continue to observe the 2 metre distance rule. Outdoors the virus doesn't spread as easily.

All of these precautions are non negotiable and are active until further notice, including after the government will end all social distancing measures. I know there are different opinions on how we should behave in relation to the virus and for some people, these precautions will seem excessive. They are based on extensive research executed by reliable scientists and experts, who I trust more than politicians. You don’t have to agree with them, but you do have to comply with them if you want to attend an event. It’s important for me that my customers know I will be able to keep the promise I’m making here of organising safe events that won’t aid virus transmission.

On March 11th 2020, I decided to cancel all the events I'd worked so hard to fill to keep the public safe: this was more than 2 weeks before the government introduced lockdown. I hope this can help show how seriously I take my customers’ safety and wellbeing and my commitment to continuing to do so.


Founder, Nobody's Watching

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