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The Wake Up and Dance Challenge

Updated: Nov 10

The Challenge: wake up and dance to three songs, every day, for 30 days, from Monday November 9th.

Here's why.

One morning, 2 minutes after waking up, I accidentally pressed play on Spotify as I walked to the kitchen. It was In da Club by 50 Cent. I started dancing. Spotify doesn't stop unless you make it, so I kept dancing. 3 songs later, I was sweating, smiling and in a great mood. My mood stayed high all day. So I tried again the next day, and the day after. The improved mood results have been long-lasting for me.

How long will they last for you? I invite you to join me: wake up and dance for 30 days and see what happens.

Scientific research shows that dancing releases feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine, and reduces cortisol, the fear hormone. This is why it works.

You can do the challenge in two ways:

1) By yourself. Sign up to the challenge email list .You'll receive a daily email with the 3 songs and journal prompts. Dance in your own time.

2) In good company. Live, on zoom, every week day at 7.30am GMT. I will be in my pyjamas and you're welcome to do the same. This is a safe space where we dance to feel good, not to look good. Wear whatever is most comfortable for you. The session won't be recorded because I want you to feel safe releasing your morning moves. Please keep your cameras on so everyone feels safe and can see the other dancers. We're in this together.

Zoom link (make sure you use the passcode)


Passcode: 3R9kaf

See you on the dancefloor, in my PJs!


Founder, Nobody's Watching

If you're taking part, I want to hear from you! Are you having a great day afterwards? Any challenges? Tag Nobody's Watching on Facebook or intragram @nobodyswatching.co or share your story by emailing hello@nobodyswatching.co

I won't be recording the morning dancing so here's what a previous online dance party looked like.



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