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Two women smiling and dancing with headphones in front of a graffiti wall

wake up and dance

Wake up and dance to 3 feel-good songs to discover how just 10 minutes of morning dancing can boost your mood for the whole day.

Join the movement of people who choose happy as their morning mood: scientific research shows that dancing releases feel-good hormones like serotonin and dopamine, and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

how to take part

Sign up to our challenge waiting list

In a virtual room, on zoom. Every weekday, 7.45 - 8am GMT, with no need to dress for the occasion. When we did the challenge in November, most of us were dancing in our pyjamas and bathrobes, with no make up and no filters. Just show up as you are and dance to feel good, not to look good. It's the opposite of an Instagram perfect workout.

  • Offline, in your own time. If zoom dancing isn't for you, you can still join by dancing offline, whenever suits you best. You'll receive a daily email with 3 songs to dance to. This is also how weekend dancing will work. Zoom is only for weekdays.

Tickets give you access to the daily song emails, starting from January 4th.

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