lockdown special!

Online Dance Parties

Nobody’s Watching live is paused for now, but that’s no reason to stop singing and dancing. Let’s do it together from our own homes. Wherever you are in the world, join an online dance party on zoom to dance like nobody’s watching.

We need it now more than ever. 

When the virus isolates us, we'll use music to stay connected.

Uplifting music, everybody welcome, child friendly.

These dance parties are about coming together and helping each other get through this emergency. They are free of charge so that anyone who needs a mood lift can access it without barriers.
If you can, please contribute to our fundraiser to support food banks.


What we do

Breaking out into song and dance is really good for you. We organise events for you to do this with:

  • Plenty of room to move

  • Two channels with uplifting playlists 

  • A 60 minute event you can easily slip in your schedule

  • 40% facilitated activities and 60% freestyle dancing

  • A non-judgemental environment where anyone and everyone is welcome. 


Why we do this 


Dancing has the power to bring more joy in our lives, and it’s accessible to everyone. We want to create spaces for people to dance their ass off with no right or wrong moves. With the physical benefits of a workout and the feel-good benefits of a night out, you will leave this experience in a contagiously good mood. Here's the story of how it started. 

Who is it for?


It’s for people who want to dance more and want to do it with no drugs, alcohol or judgement. At Nobody’s Watching it doesn’t matter if you look good, it matters if you feel good and if you leave happier than when you arrived. There are no right or wrong moves here. Whether you are a professional dancer or you have three left feet, you’ll always be welcome at our events. 'Ok, but what is it actually like?' you ask. Read this review to find out.

Where can you find us?


Based in London, we have regular weekly sessions at The Bridge and Canvas Cafe, and pop-up sessions in coworking spaces, offices, gyms and festivals. To keep the public safe, everything is cancelled but you can join our online dance parties.

“I can't remember the last time  

       I danced so freely"                     





Silent Disco Fitness Session


Why wait for a night out to enjoy silent disco? Nobody's Watching brings the fun of silent disco to your fitness routine. With the physical benefits of a workout, and the feel-good benefits of dancing, you will leave the session in a contagiously good mood.


Silent Disco Parties 


Jazz up your party with some silent disco. We do weddings, Christmas parties, hen dos, birthdays and more. You can chose our kit and playlist option, or add a silent disco game or warm up in the package. Prices start from £195

Silent disco in the workplace


We offer teambuilding, productivity boosting and general wellness services to coworking spaces and companies. We incorporate silent disco with elements of play and dance in our offering, which is customised for each client.


Educational Silent Disco 


Discover the powerful potential of silent disco in an educational context. Our activities engage learners, boosting their confidence and creativity whilst providing them with an unforgettably fun experience.



“Do a loony-goony dance ‘Cross the kitchen floor, put something silly in the world that ain’t been there before” 

Shel SilversteinI


Founder's grandma!

everyone can dance when nobody's watching


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